a black house. so much cooler than all white. not literally. because maybe we'd all be roasting inside? does it work that way? i mean, is it science? eh...i'd still risk it. 



this door knocker. undeniably cute against the blackness of my house. 



fall. so i can wear things like this chloe coat. which is sold out and very very expensive. but we're manifesting so it's ok. 


these boots. which was love at first site. manifesting the shit out of these. i'd wear them with everything and most likely everywhere. people'd be like...we get it! you love those boots. (insert eye roll emoji)


a new laundry situation. let's be honest...this is really me manifesting a new washer and dryer. but i will accept a new laundry room (attached to a new kitchen). 




LANDSCAPE HELP. i have ideas. and no means to do them. mostly in manpower. i need about 10 men to come rip shit out and just give me a blank canvas. because...


i'd like to throw an end of summer outdoor dinner party. 

you're all invited.


ok universe....go!