friday things

my fave from the golden globes. i have no idea who she is other than she’s rami malek’s gf.

THE CUTEST dress from tibi marked way the F down.

i love this idea. also love her kitchen backsplash.

did you know madewell had a home section? i didn’t. i love this card game. i love all the card games. they’d look so good stacked on a mantel.

really into this $80 sweater from mango. into the pants too.

guys….sephora now carries the ordinary. let’s recap my faves:

this - for dark circles and puffy under-eye. only when needed. i have re-ordered this 3 times.

this - for dullness. i use this most mornings before serums, moisturizer and makeup. i have re-ordered this 3 times.

this - i press this into my skin on the nights i don’t use retinol or vitamin c. it’s lovely. bit of an “earthy” smell but my skin loves it. and i am textbook combination skin. also very soothing after a mask. have also re-ordered 3 times.

this - this is the vitamin c i use when i can’t afford this one. it’s a good stand in but the drunk elephant is still my favorite.

the gooper’s new line of workout wear is good. particular faves are this bodysuit, and this bra.

could not love this house more.