kitchen of the day

a few technicalities- this isn’t a kitchen in someone’s home. it’s in the basement of a london antiques shop. it’s used for “staff meals, client meetings, marmalade making and dinners for 30”. so to that end it doesn’t have to follow the typical kitchen rules. but there are some great takeaways for home kitchen inspiration.

what i like: that endless counter so good for party/dinner prep. and consequently that equally endless wall of shelving. that brass backsplash thing behind the stove. and check out the contrasting finishes there (gasp). the comfy looking chairs and table plopped down instead of an island. those sweet little ruffled edge pendants. the painted concrete flooring that looks like limestone. the drawers and cabinetry- so perfect and timeless. the drawers look like a dresser and i love that. the hidden dishwasher.

what i don’t like: the pendant above the table. it’s not my fave. i might do something a little more modern there. for contrast. feel me? the endless wall of shelves. i know it’s in my list of likes but that’s a lot of space to fill and shit could get cluttered real fast. i’m not crazy about the sink. it’s cool and everything but i really don’t like sinks that sit on top of a surface. i would crack or break everything that could crack or break while washing dishes. also don’t care for the little shabby chic wood patch thing behind the faucet.

is it my dream kitchen? no. but those cabinets def. are. going into the files for sure.

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