more new

you guys bought up all these mini bowls. actually there are two left. second row, third from left. and last one on the bottom right.

i went the extra mile and mocked them up into rooms so you could see how adorable they were….

what the devil are you wearing bowl

i’ll be doing more of these minis over the next few weeks.

i’ve also made some larger bowls that i just added to my shop…11 x 15 to be exact and i find that particular size to be the perfect size for a stand alone bowl. while mini’s have more versatility in that you can prop them, add them to a gallery wall, in the tiniest of spaces..etc…the 11 x 15’s seem to be the perfect sized framed art. the end of a long hall, above a dresser, a bar, a bed, a crib…anywhere but a giant expanse of wall.

ooh look. i mocked summa these up too…

see all bowls here.

rooms courtesy: coral house, domino, one kings lane, anna spiro and the socialite family.