kitchen of the day

is it a store? is it a home? who cares!?! antiques and whatnot all in situ and all for sale. what a time to be alive!

and a worthy instagram follow to boot.

but let’s talk about the kitchen here for a minute.

the cream and gray is a win for me. i feel myself coming back around to this combo. and i never thought i’d find a tiled countertop attractive. because, like, i have one…and, like, it isn’t. also all that grout. shit gets nasty. but maybe no one prepares food there. i don’t know, all i know is it LOOKS GREAT. i love the layout. i love the refrigerator behind the dumb door. (although for practicality purposes we would remove that.) i love the floor (obv.) the chandelier, even if it does appear to be hung too low. the huge cupboard. the marble topped work station. i just love it all.