january vibes


inspired by vacation.

a little rattan mini bag cuter than a baby’s buns.

a cotton gauze jumpsuit for strolling through your vacation without your holiday bod on high alert.

they say shell inspired jewelry won’t be making a come back this season. fuck them. shells forever. in your house and on your person.

this RMS bronzer is easy to use. i spread a little in the hollows of my cheeks, a swipe down the bridge of my nose, a dab on each eyelid and a blur at the top of my forehead. i then fan it all out with a blurring brush or blend it in with a beauty blender. like the sun kissed you i swear. powder bronzers are the worst on winter skin.

i’m new to the work of kathleen jones but i just love it. so quirky and cool. she’s adorable and funny to boot.

i’m into these logo converse. don’t @ me.

don’t tell anyone but i’m feeling a pull toward chinoiserie. but ONLY a smidge. like this classic wallpaper but paired with white painted wood floors, a modern wicker sconce, an african beaded chair, and fanciful cocktail table. and not shown but in the interest of imagining the ultimate space, a curvy modern sofa.

the drunk elephant babyfacial will take your skin off. in a good way. really does what it says it does. so if you have dry, winter skin you might want to invest in this stuff.

and an evil eye pillow to ward away the negative and look cute in the process.

new year new perfume? this one smells like grapefruit, orange blossom and iris and that sounds just perfect to me.

and a snazzy little cocktail set to get you psyched about pending porch drinkin’.