friday things comin' in late but hot

what a week. i don’t even know if i’ve mentioned this (i get my instagram/blog audiences crossed sometimes) but we are having a giant yard sale on saturday and let me tell you - having a yard sale is work that really eats dick. i’m exhausted. of course my type A personality has me making sure everything is. just. right. i washed and dried and folded TWENTY (read that again) bags of clothes and sticker’d almost all of it. the stickers were late. twice. (wow amazon prime, way to be prime.) anyway that lateness (twice) really set me back. but i finally just finished sticker’n the clothes. which means i’m sipping on a strong pinot noir wishing it were infused with cocaine bc i have a lot more shit to do. my living room looks like a thrift store, my back looks like scoliosis and i’m high on marker fumes.

but let’s dive into the things…

  1. having a yard sale? me toooo!! i found this article and this one very helpful. also, my takeaways from both of these articles and personal experience: you really do need to start planning a month in advance. write a calendar of chores, martha stewart style, and stick to it. for example: week 1- take inventory with PEN AND PAPER of all the things you have to sell. week 2- sort that shit. price it as you sort. trust me here. and order your pricing stickers waaaaaaay ahead of time because they will be late. TWICE.

2. i made pork chops with apples and cider pan sauce and posted it in my insta stories and i got a lot (5) of DMs. i even got a phone call from my friend who needed to know the hard and fast facts.

here’s the recipe. it’s great.

3. halloween approach-eth. indoor halloween decor is typically the worst. but this floral centerpiece is just spooky enough.

4. i do my best internet surfing over coffee at 7 am. this before and after is pretty fucking astounding. esp. when you see the before. those ferns tho.

5. how bout an amazon page made by me of all the best bits? sounds great right? so far my beauty faves (and they really are), kitchen must haves (those too), household essentials and some other great ones. they are always 100 percent approved by me.

ok then. bye.