october vibes

here we are. best month of the year. apart from viruses it’s truly the most magical of all months. it’s a stunning 98 degrees in atlanta today but my weather app tells me there’s only one more day of this horseshit and then it spirals down into the low 80’s-high 70’s for the rest of the foreseeable future. praise hands emoji.

i fucking love october!

bring on the darkness!!!


dark arts paint

lucy boynton in giant pearl headband

chinese vases on the altar table painting

marine serre moon jersey stretch leggings - someone knock these off in 3-2-1….

soul tarot cards - i have these and they are beautiful. the quality is sublime. they would make an excellent gift for a teenage girl.

spider web chairs

black azilal rug - this is an excellent price for such a big rug. i mean, it would show no dirt! isn’t that what you want in a runner? also major october vibes.

spider switchplate cover - i seent this in person and it’s really great. they all are. would also make a great gift.

early new england gravestone and marker rubbings - cool.

dark blue altar sideboard

saved ny green silk pillow and orange - i love everything they make.

emery et cie tiles - can you? even?