friday things

guys, this sydney home is a dream.

i like chili a lot. it’s one of my favorite things to eat and i’d make it a lot more if everyone here liked it as much as i do. sadly the other andersons aren’t as enthusiastic about it. they tolerate it. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOESN’T LIKE CHILI?! ugh. i digress. anyway….this recipe was SO easy and quick and unbelievably flavorful despite it’s roughly 30 minute cook time and lack of meat. make it. (side note- i added about a tablespoon of maple syrup bc i like a good balance of salt, sweet and heat in my chili. i also added 1 orange bell pepper in addition to the 2 poblanos bc i had it.)

natalie knows her way around a trader joe’s. i look to her instagram stories to tell me whats good. well, she’s made a comprehensive list for us and it’s right here.

these tights are all i hear about on the gram. who’s worn them? let me know.