grammys red carpet

while scrolling though endless red carpet photos i was like..who? who? who?

seriously, who are they?

here we go in no particular order..


this was one of the pretty ones. her ass looked like a perfect bubble in this dress that had a big ol backless cutout which accentuated her pillow butt. the color is stunning.

i fucking hate this.


i can’t decide. it’s fun. ashlee is so young. this feels like shirley maclaine doing a liza minelli cabaret tribute circa 1975. you feel me?

i’ve never heard a kacee kaycee? caysee? musgroves? muskrat? musgraves? song. and the top of her dress looks like a potsticker. or a grapefruit segment. her face and hair though.


i liked this even if it was a little street. she looks the prettiest she’s ever looked.


ugh. all of it.


a part of me loves it as much as i hate it. she’s really cool.



eh. she can do better.

boom. stunning.


it’s as ridiculous as she is. but i love both.

why does katy perry look like kate hudson here or is it january jones? the dress is dumb. it’s a cake topper for a bowling alley birthday party.


killed it.

i fucking hate the hat. but the dress on her is amazing. she is amazing looking.


pure rage.

i kinda like this.

who did i miss? who was your fave? i give it to gaga.