be mine

i will take all of it.

this is definitely my new favorite wallpaper.

i would enjoy this leopardy rug every time i stepped in front of my sink. i just really think it’s fabulous.

i long for a chinese art deco rug. like deep and achy. this one is phenomenal.

love the color of this little sculptural bag.

this little pink lamp is chargeable. like your damn phone. which means you can literally put it anywhere.

i stan pink and lilac forever.

i got this lipstick as a sample and it’s SO good. it’s a subtle pinky coral, in that it’s not quite pink and it’s not quite coral. the reviews are all great as it seems to work on all skin tones. it definitely brightened up mah face. and i am that girl who puts any lipstick on (apart from red as i think it’s the only lipstick i can wear successfully) and immediately wipes it off bc i think i look terrible in lipstick. pinks are too pink. corals are too coral. nudes are too nude. this one was really natural looking on me. in fact i wore it every day til the sample ran out.

just a real pretty suzani that would improve whatever you put it on.

this pink console my god.

pink mirror too.