friday things

so many things.

i had no idea this show even existed until a week ago. apparently wrecked has been on for 2+ years? i will watch anything rhys darby is in (since flight of the conchords he has a special place in my heart) so i just turned it on one day and was instantly hooked. it’s like wet hot american summer meets lost. it’s not particularly something you binge. more to savor when you have 30 minutes on a lunch break. it will cheer you up if you’re day is going shitty. promise.

i got up close and personal with this little jacket in anthro the other day. it stopped me in my tracks actually. this picture doesn’t do it justice. the color is amazing. like the juiciest papaya. or mango as it were. and SO freaking soft.

i forget about world market sometimes. this little embroidered rug (3 x 5) is under $70. cute in a bath or kitchen or back door.

candles in the prettiest muted tones. and then that perfect deep midnight blue.

honestly the coolest memphis mugs. i’d be thrilled with just one.

such a pretty blue. set of 6 cafe glasses only $38.

hopefully you didn’t have to make any of these 28 sick day soups. but now you have this list for next time. or if you’re sick now and need some soup. god speed. nigella’s cold cure soup seems dead easy and shouldn’t wear you out too much.

axel vervoordt is an artist. his interiors will always be a thing of beauty. i’d be willing to bet if you ever set foot in one if his spaces it’d be life changing.

have a great weekend!