little pink rugs

who doesn’t love a little pink kilim at a whacking good price?

  1. 1.6 x 2.11 lil pink rug

  2. 10.6 x 1.5 long pink runner. long hallway? stairs? ok.

  3. 1.10 x 3.2 lil pink, gold and mint rug. this needs a bathroom home.

  4. 3.2 x 4.4 pink tribal textile. could be rug, could be throw, could be your next upholstery job.

  5. 2.3 x 4.9 pink multicolored rug. if my cat belle didn’t pee on everything i put on the floor this would be in my kitchen.

  6. 1.6 x 3.2 lil peachy pink rug.

  7. 3.5 x 9.3 pink runner.

  8. 1.9 x 3.10 pink rug also needing a bathroom home.

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