oscar recap

before we get to the fashion a few observations:

gaga and cooper are definitely fucking, right?

cooper’s face. what’s going on there?

if you’re nominated for an award and there are 3 of you, work out who is going to speak. then THAT PERSON say the words you wrote on the paper. don’t all 3 of you each say a word. bc FML i was basically covering my eyes the whole time.

leslie bibb talking for sam rockwell on the red carpet was number one top annoyance. go fly a kite bibb. we’re here for sam rockwell not you, you giraffe.

peter farrelly directed green book?!?!? HOW did no one know this?

no, but seriously. gaga and cooper are totally having sex, right?

ok the fashion-

i feel bad for hating the shit out of this because she so cute and innocent but good god this is filene’s basement all the way.


fruit leather? pregnant devil? she’s too pretty for this ding dong dress.

“here put this boob covering shawl sash with sleeves on too.”

“i’m thinking…a blanket of gold. over a suit of gold.”

like, HOWW was this even a choice?

burnt waffle. also this. loved her makeup though.

of ALLLLLL the lewks. this is THE look??!! it was honestly such a let down. the humps are weird but that’s the least of my problems. her hair is overly coiffed, her skin overly tan. i enjoyed her performance dress so much more.

i don’t even know where to begin. the shorter hemline in front, the hair, the makeup, the belt bow, the shoe choice. suck.

why does she do this? i don’t deeply hate this because i think the fabric is so pretty and her earrings are soo cool but she always hides her body under ridiculous dresses.

ok on to my faves…

just adorable.

dear god woman. she is amazing looking. her body is insane.

short girls should wear column dresses all the time. this one is so pretty! the color and sparkle. perfect makeup too. she looks 10 feet tall.

i’m into it. apart from the wrinkles.

angela is a goddess freak of nature. i don’t LOVE the dress, and the wrinkling is an issue i can’t ignore even though what can you do?… but she is otherworldly. also that long pony tail is everything.

she looks so great.

i dunno. i didn’t hate it. it had a bit of edge to it for such a frou frou pink candy cloud dress. the hair is odd to me though. ok nvrmnd. i think i hate it. maybe.


holy cow whoever this is she nailed it. loving the whole vibe.

fucking amazing.

is he that tall or is she that short? either way they are arguably the sexiest couple on earth. i mean tell me you wouldn’t be down for a 3 way with these two. i am 100% here for the pink suit and scrunchie. hate her dress though.

yes she needed to tape her boobs up but i am living for the color, the jewelry, the open back, her new hair, the contrast-y lip. all of it. it was a risky look and i thought she pulled it off.

ok. these are the best of the best of the best for me…

really just no words. she was perfection. head to toe.

she looked like she was poured into this dress. loving the whole lewk. super sexy and feminine.

dead. the dress is insane. her hair, shoes…arms. her best ever.

it’s really not fair is it? but if i’m honest i didn’t love this dress right away. it grew on me. something about it makes me uneasy. like she’s wearing broken glass. still though, she is maybe the most beautiful human on earth.

i am a huge fan of this girl’s style. she is giving me grace kelly vibes and the color of that dress is everything.

this was hands down my favorite. she looked SO pretty. it’s risky. it’s fashion. it’s pretty. it’s dramatic. it’s everything i need in a red carpet moment. i just loved it.

who were your faves? least faves?