friday things

oh hi friday. also hi march! isn’t that the one good thing about february? it’s short and before you know it it’s march? same.

that kitchen is the stuff of dreams. i can’t stop looking at it like…well, like this.

the whole house is amaze. take the tour.

this cute little fashion blogger and her cute little outfit.

truth: she thrifted the top (which is actually a skirt!) and the jeans. and she made the bag herdamnself.

this pale yellow jumpsuit is as cute as all get out.

i like ferns in vintage tea caddies. that’s all.

this is an excellent marinade. i made the actual recipe to the T and it turned out great. but i could see this being great with pork chops as well. i put the chicken on toasted buns with bread and butter pickles and mayo. i can’t only suggest you do the same.

i stumbled on the work of artist sophie vallance cantor yesterday and i am 100 percent in love with everything.

ok then i hope you have a glorious weekend.