fresh etsy

this is an attractive chandelier for right around $300. i’ve got the feels for this too.

a cactus mug for your pencils or your flowers or your coffee.

a vintage army green t shirt seems very on the mark rn.

a dusty pink tablecloth that comes in just about every size imaginable. round too. other colors available.

pretty pressed flower wall hanging.

a 12 ft. long runner for under $300.

love print.

a john kacere print.

needle. felted. animals. you guys. i can’t. this west highland terrier. this icelandic horse. this chill polar bear. this dumb hedgehog gardening. i could honestly go on. just go. and yes, you can get a custom version of your pet. or of YOU AND your pet should you ever want to see the horror that is you in felt form.