obsessed ok?

sorry for the silence.

i’ve been spending far too much time thinking about this place:

obsessed. people tend to use that word about things they aren’t actually obsessed with.

in this case, my case….i am actually obsessed.


i’ve been on an internet pilgrimage these last few days to try to discover the paint colors. the articles that the home has been featured in don’t tell me, other than the living room is “a calming shade of aubergine”. i did some guessing and spent a preposterous amount of time comparing paint colors and i think i know what they are. the living room, while looking taupe-y gray is actually farrow and ball brassica. which is a purple-y gray. the pink in the kitchen and dining room is farrow and ball setting plaster. and the blue in the bedroom is farrow and ball blue ground. (fight me)

all images from here here and here.

so yeah, ordering paint immediately.