kim's house


this image looks like my 15th hour of intermittent fasting feels.

let’s face it based on the meager screen captured shots from the video i can only estimate that the entire house resembles this hallway. cold, vacuous, uninteresting and hungry.

but i don’t hate the decor of this house. i mean, not really or in theory. i hate the size. who in the fucking fuck of all fucks needs a house this big? private schools aren’t this big.

here’s what i found out…this is kanye’s doing.

kanye and vervoordt are franz. no, seriously….read all about that here.

if you wanna skip the article that’s cool. i broke it down for you - kanye saw a table and was all….who responsible? axel was all…me! kanye was all…i love art and things with soul. axel was all…i love you.

so they built a house together.


i mean….jesus! wait…no. i mean…yeezus!

look at that square footage. colossal.

please show us more of this giant, white, sepulchral box.

“floral arrangements”.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 5.46.58 PM.png

i can appreciate the contrast here. stark minimalism inside and lush rainforest out. what must it cost to maintain a rainforest in calabasas? also is this the bathroom?

i think this is all just kanye being kanye.

it isn’t a home. it’s an art project.

my best opinion is that it’s on the spectrum. just like kanye.

what happens when kim gets all that contour and self tanner on everything?

in summary:

if i’m being honest i don’t hate it. i hate that it’s theirs.

also axel vervoordt always and forever.

also also - i think a few antique tabriz rugs and some kid art would turn this all around.