friday things

so many good things.

so much love for gabby deeming’s H&G home tour from the other day.

if you don’t follow her on insta you should. also i messaged her about that perfect warm brown paint color and she told me it was “caddie” by paint and paper library.

speaking of home tours i really like this one too. i like leanne ford’s style. i could live in this house. i’d rethink the some of the lighting (don’t really go in for the exposed bulb vibe) and not in love with the dark finish on things throughout. but other than that…YES!

has anyone tried kin euphorics? hmmmm. read this.

kumquat makrut lime spanish g&t. so pretty. (although makrut lime is really just kaffir lime which is asian. not spanish but whatevs.)

love these melamine tumblers from anthro. into this literal leopard and cc: cats the most.

did you know i have an mfamb faves on amazon? i’m adding things slowly but surely. follow it. live your best life.

i like this whole shebang. (this company customizes which rules.)

5 awful plants for the front yard. not only true but very funny.

i got lots of DMs about the grass seed i use for fluffy perfect grass. this is it.

what a pretty tray.

BM raleigh peach. i’m into it. glossy front door on a dark house with brass errthang.

i’ll be making this sheet cake minus the roses for easter.

this is a vacation rental. on the amalfi coast. i’m speechless and dead.

and finally for those of you (me) wondering wtf was up with the sink in kim and kanye’s bathroom here’s the answer.

have a great easter weekend. i’ll be getting down with cake and jesus juice.