monday poll

i am going to do a thing.

on mondays. a poll (duh). a which-would-you-choose poll. not particularly innovative, i know. but i want to know who you are and i think the majority of you are here for design. so let’s see…which would you choose?

today it’s kitchens. the only rule is you can only change one thing in whatever room you pick. as in, i love everything BUT those bare lightbulbs. so i’d change those. but if it’s down to everything but the lightbulbs AND the hardware or floors….too bad. you can only eliminate one. and you are stuck with the rest. FOR EV ER!

it’s not like i’m picking any ugly kitchens…maybe not my taste or yours but definitely not ugly.

oh….and no toss ups!! i don’t want to know your close second or tie. you. have. to. choose. one.






ok go.


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