friday things

  1. first and foremost. GAME. OF. THRONES. memes for days.

2. that kitchen above. so like, it’s certainly a color i would probably never choose (pumpkin? yellow? ) and yet i REALLY like the kitchen. color and all. from the cement floors to the FIFTY dangling bulbs (i know! who am i?!) to the reclaimed countertops with actual scratches and graffiti from schools.

3. this article on shakespeare possibly maybe being a woman is hands down the best thing i’ve read all month. maybe ever.

4. these sheets from west elm are truly miraculously soft. and i need new sheets. and they’re on sale. bye. that blush color tho.

5. i made these 3 ingredient flourless banana pancakes on mother’s day and they were a hit with everyone. i added salt to the batter. not sure why she didn’t. but definitely do.

6. have not made this roasted corn chowder but it looks delicious and corn is SO GOOD right now.

7. i created a “vibes by month” board on pinterest and just looking at it makes me sooo happy.

8. who doesn’t need a packing checklist?

and finally…

9. i found the perfect summer sandal. like, no, really. it’s perfect. with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, cropped pantses. all of them.