friday things


summer is coming. and i am warden of the south? ugh. all i know is it’s already 90+ degrees here and if i could warg myself to a cooler locale i would. also fiona is graduating 8th grade which means i have a high schooler and it also means i have said high schooler home with me for the next 3 months. so ‘stay cool’ has more than one connotation around here. anyway, if you like graphics and typography this is a cool site. also send me your chore lists for grumpy teen girls.

remember gabby deeming’s london house tour? here’s the article from H&G UK with more pics.

just like everyone else i am having a memorial day sale! get 25% off everything by using code: MEMORIAL25 at checkout!. some pretty abstracts and an iris and plenty o’ bowls.

serena and lily are also having a sale. take a tip from gabby deeming’s london flat and use a bar cart as a table. throw this adorable lamp on it with this even adorable-er lampshade that is 100% reasonable in price. use code: SUMMERPREP @ serena and lily.

ok, so i read in the aforementioned article on gabby deeming that she used japanese washi paper to wallpaper her hallway. i think that’s a swell idea. these marble papers would do nicely. so many color options. what would you use to stick it down?

how good do these strawberry lemon blondies look? i’d bring these to the memorial day cookout.

if you’re not watching fleabag you are really missing out. if you don’t have amazon prime you better fucking get it. i watched the second season in one afternoon. TWICE. that priest tho. good heavens. (see what i did there?) no seriously. we NEED to talk about this priest.

i got this stuff in my monthly birchbox and i can tell you it is amazing. it’s a multi tasker which is kind of the best thing ever. it takes make up off, it cleanses, it’s a salve, it’s a balm and it smells so so good.

happy weekending.