you fancy now

h&m home section has some not terrible things.


how very fornasetti of you. they call it a plant pot but don’t let your lack of houseplants discourage you. i’d use it for flowers or makeup brushes or utensils or whatever. but use it for a cactus too. this one is equally good.

i like big, shallow bowls. this is certainly big (12”) and such a pretty blue. for all your lemons yolanda.

a $13 wooden peg hanger? you bet. for all those hats, jackets, umbrellas, totes, pool crap….you get it. or maybe it’s just you, your purse and your dog’s leash…this smaller one for $5.99 then.

i’ve got my eye on this lidded wooden box for my ever expanding collection of vitamins and tinctures that just hang out all naked like on my kitchen counter.

cute rubberwood cutting board for a song. in fact there are several well priced cutting boards for you to consider. BUY THEM ALL.

blue and white bathmat for $25. summery fresh.

i like this brown stripe duvet cover for a kid. any gender.

maybe with these sheets from anthro: