this is (23 &) me now

23 & me tells me i’m 7.3% swedish. specifically some place called dalarna county. i’m going to embrace it for a minute….

do i belong here? should i decorate like my people? i have to tell you i’m not a huge fan of that scandi lewk.

here’s my version of my swedish life:

vintage yellow floral wallpaper - 1 roll only. i wish there were more! a teeny (really teeny) bathroom? closet?

gilt mirror - 3k though??! come through craigslist.

swedish landscape painting - not a bad price for an original, signed, framed oil painting of this size.

farrow and ball breakfast room green - i prefer color to the washed out scandi look. pale floors though. i’m into that.

gustavian style sofa - again with color. and i would absolutely pair this with some vintage modern leather something. or mohair velvet. or both.

tribal turkish rug - not swedish but giving me swedish vibes. i usually don’t connect to the typical swedish kilims - ikea basically ruined that for me.

alllllll the pressed botanicals.

a big ol beautiful sparkly chandelier is a must.

painted swedish drop leaf table - you’d be hard pressed to find a prettier table. but i could GO to sweden and find something similar and paint it myself for less than the cost of this one. jesus people! my swedish life is expensive.

a little wicker never hurt nobody.

swedish corner cabinet

the cutest cheeky delft tiles. look closely at them. there’s a modern twist. i’d use these in a kitchen for real.