tv life

it’s summer and while most people are out having fun, trying new things and probably swimming til their fingers pucker. the andersons are stockpiling tv shows. we’ve watched fleabag (amazing), dead to me (loved it. christina applegate is really such a bright star in it), wine country (honestly pretty fucking embarrassed for them), easy (i watched one season but could stop there. LOTS of improvised dialog. would watch if nothing else on), chernobyl (1 episode and that’s enough for me. though i would go back if you tell me it gets less bleak but i’d be willing to bet it gets decidedly more bleak), and black mirror (current season. 1st episode- lol. dumb but enjoyable. 2nd episode - honestly best hour of tv i’ve seen in a long long time. andrew scott is an obsession. he is mind blowing-ly good in it. 3rd episode - WORST hour of television i’ve seen in maybe ever. i mean. BAD. bad everything. it’s not even good enough to be campy.)

things i’m curious about:

what if. renee zellweger. a friend saw it and said i’d love it but also said it was not that good…but maybe like campy bad? i dunno i was drunk when we were talking about it.

deadwood. never seen an episode. same friend as above swears it’s the best show on tv.

sherlock. i’ve seen a few episodes but now that i know andrew scott is in it i obviously want to watch it all. he wasn’t in the episodes i watched. is it ok enough for me to watch it based solely on the fact that andrew scott is in it?

pose. i honestly have no idea what it even is. reality show? a show about drag queens? a show about dancing? isn’t billy porter in it? i see him everywhere lately. i know he wears fabulous outfits IRL but have no clue who he actually is or what he actually does. maybe he’s just in pose?

happy valley. i just genuinely and generally love any and all british shows.

honestly i can’t wait for peaky blinders. great show but it’s really just me gazing into cillian murphy’s eyes for an hour and i’m ok with that.

ok. thoughts? what do you love?