friday things


emily schuman made some cute shoes for us. i find the candy colors enjoyable. the prices too.

we watched happy valley and then decided it wasn’t for us. i know it’s good. SHE’S good. but first and foremost it’s awfully depressing and that’s just not what we want pre-bed. i was delighted to see o’brien from downton.

also started sherlock. it’s all very scooby doo and the episodes are looooong. still, i like watching, but it’s not great. but i fucking LOVE martin freeman. and the andrew scott pool scene at the end of season 1- i am turned on and terrified by that guy.

i bought some boob tape. wish me luck. if you have heavy jewish boobs like me and have tried boob tape please advise. i’m searching for a dress for a september wedding in new york and everything i see that i like is backless.

i like this homey, paris apartment. plaid wallpaper is thumbs up.

love these quilts jamie designed for furbish.

inside mara hoffman’s closet. i love her personal style.


stay cool in a pool.