have the best 4th ever


chevron print rash guard suit - i saw this on a FASHION GIRL and squealed. i’m into a rash guard. espesh if i am floating around on open water all day.

we are fully into CBD over here. all 3 of us.

most definitely need a hat on the 4th. i like this visor.

jorts. jorts. jorts. forever jorts.

set of 2 wine freeze cooling cups. why don’t i have anything like this?

truly obsessed with this overpriced beach towel.

there’s no right shoe for the 4th celebrations. i’ve learned the hard way that something comfy you can rinse off is the best option. these are squishy and will stay on your feet. also CUTE.

love this stuff in a pinch. you could make your own though. just need aloe juice, pure witch hazel ( i get mine here), lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil)

this mesh tote will hold everything. rinse clean with a hose and comes in 3987492730278305820384 color options. (ok 13)

this beach chair is the cutest of all the beach chairs.

this is basically a boat. i need it.

have a wonderful 4th!