saturday things


hello friends. welcome to the saturday edition of friday things. because things are crazy here. summer is now and i am constantly trying to get a 14 year old to get dressed and get outside. kids these days just aren’t having it. and like the asshole parent i swore i would never become (we all do despite the bestest of efforts) i hear myself saying…when i was your age. in other news my eyes have more wrinkles than i had 4 weeks ago. suffice to say i am on the hunt for that eye serum/cream that i can afford that works. on that front i have tested 2 new, hot off the presses retinol serums (we’ll call them monday kiley and shrunk relevant) and can honestly say…meh. i’ll stick with this one thankyouverymuch.

in other news-

this cool apartment belongs to a dude - color me surprised and delighted.

i’m having a lucite hoop moment.

i love cle tiles. love love and won’t stop. i’m all for the black. so intriguing.

coming soon- some watercolor things. flowers mostly. but am considering bugs, constellations, the human form, butterflies, sea shells, cats. obv am taking suggestions.

a truly awesome father’s day gift from one of my favorite chefs, vivian howard.

all the shells. seriously. i love shells. i love that they are on jewelry these days. this necklace from mango makes a statement for not a lot of dollars. mango has quite a knockout selection of shell inspired jewelry.

these pearl ear cuffs are in my cart. that whole ear party is a delight.

these aurelie bidermann resin and cotton bracelets are a little on the pricier side but so cute.

that’s it from me. enjoy your weekend. ours will be rain soaked but boy do we need it. my garden is happy. which makes me happy. SO happy.