july vibes

we are so far through july already that i contemplated skipping july’s vibes. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it infinitum- SUMMER. IS. HARD. but really though, this summer has been pretty hard here. we’ve had more than our share of setbacks this summer and we are over it. i’d like a vacation from myself. and my pantry.

anyway…i will never miss a vibes unless i’m dead or retired and praise be i am neither.

so here we are:

since we’re well past the 4th and it’s red, white and blue-ness i went in with a vibe of eating juicy fruit in your air conditioned granny’s estate.

aperitivo paint - a deep, dark peach on the ceiling.

grasscloth wallcovering in sand

peaches and melons still life painting

brass scallop door knocker

joan miro

chinoiserie glass display hutch

white coral specimen

aqua table lamp

floral dress

coral teacup and saucer