friday things


have you ordered your FREE squad goals sticker? get on that ya big dummy. can’t wait for mine to arrive.


look at this pretty wallpaper from wayfair of all places. comes in 9 colors and it’s removable.

i don’t even know where to begin! honestly haven’t been this excited about a food in so long. only the french would take a basic bread and turn it on it’s head and into something fabulous. gascon sourdough cornbread. i want fall. i want soup. and i want this.

speaking of fall. fully feeling this hat. dreaming of pairing it with this dress for a september wedding in new york.

i will see the shit out of this. absolutely here for it.

and finally i would be a bad blogger if i didn’t talk about the nordstrom anniversary sale. which is now officially open to the rest of us non cardholding ding dongs.

here are my picks:

this diffuser. i don’t even burn candles much anymore. the clean smells of essential oils feel much more me now. people comment when they walk in the house y’all. “what’s that awesome smell?” usually i diffuse lavender, orange, rosemary, cedarwood and frankincense. that combo is heaven. this one seems nice too.

this cool down mattress pad. could it help with hot flashes?

this very pretty comforter and sham situation.

and this facial toning kit which i have heard nothing but good things about.

ok then. c ya later.