send hopper immediately

we are currently in a washer and dryer upside down.

we have been on hold with sears for approximately 42 days.

first of all don’t ever buy anything from sears unless you are walking into a store (are they even still around? would it be like the underground of starcourt mall in hawkins? seriously, are russians behind sears?) and purchasing it there, loading it into your car and driving it home your damn self.

and don’t expect anyone to install it for you unless you’re prepared to wait til christmas of next year for that to happen.

for real, we bought a w&d june 6th. JUNE SIXTH. it’s july 23rd. HOW in 2019 USA is that even possible?!


i’ve been pinning around pinterest for good looking laundry rooms like they’re porn.


finally got around to adding one of these little banner things. you can click and shop like it’s 2019 USA.