summer list

hi. just some things on my summer list.

  1. i find this skirt casual enough for errands and attractive enough for cocktails.

  2. playa new day mist - “a fine mist that works to calm unruly strands and reset your style—without water or hot tools.” i have never enjoyed dry shampoo. the smell is usually too intense for me and the finish makes my thin hair feel like a dusty old weave. have heard good things about this mist. i have their ritual hair oil and it’s v. nice.

  3. rebecca taylor white eyelet dress- this dress is more than i think i would pay for a little white dress. probably bc i would wear it to death and ruin it. but i LOOOOOVE it.

  4. lake pajamas beach wave dress- THIS is what i’m talkin’ about. i would never ever ever ever ever ever take this off. only to wash it and put on another one. this is truly the only thing you can wear in this heat. it’s like comfort food for your body. speaking of, another thing i would wear to death and spill spag sauce on. i need 5. good thing it’s on sale. and comes in seafoam green. lots of good deals right now at lake pajamas.

  5. a sweet little jcrew dress for $100. see #1.

  6. faithfull the brand continues to impress me with their cute options at normal prices. the smocking is so heart eyes emoji on this dress.

  7. this leopard-ish print dress is $45 and made of t-shirt fabric. byeeee.

  8. this new serum blush by em cosmetics is NUMBER ONE on my make up wishlist. it’s a serum blush!! no sparkle. totally buildable. tutorials tell us that it’s best to apply it BEFORE foundation and blend it out for that color from within look.