friday things

happy friday friends.

the first week of school has gone pretty well. fiona is taking marta to school with a pal. 12 stops. then a brief walk to school. her backpack weighs about 50 lbs. no joke. they don’t have lockers at her school so she can’t leave stuff there. maybe it’s a private school thing but it’s lame. i picked her up yesterday because the heat is just unbearable here and you should’ve seen all the students walking like hunched over giant turtles. bless.

anyway….that kitchen up there. isn’t it great? it’s in france (of course). see the whole cute place (and owner) here.

like these school or work lunch ideas. particularly the salad in a jar thing so it doesn’t get soggy.

and these low carb snack ideas. i struggle with snack ideas, don’t you? usually for me it’s popcorn. really here for the dark chocolate and cashew butter idea.

the midlife unraveling. save this for when you have a few minutes.

i found this tequila guide fascinating. but i love tequila.

well, i hope you have a great weekend!

see ya monday.