august vibes

august? really? is it just me or is your entire life a blurry train whizzing by?

school starts in a matter of minutes (ok next week but the way everything is spinning i will wake up tomorrow packing a lunch) and i am honestly not prepared or here for it. i don’t particularly love summer but i’m not ready for my girl to enter high school. but here we are. in august. here are your vibes…

midcentury pulaski credenza - the carved wave element is very cool. i’m getting mad men vibes, brady bunch vibes and porn basement vibes. it’s definitely a mood. it’s a 5k mood too. surely there’s one sitting in a thrift store in kansas.

pink palm surfboard

directional curved leather sofa - sexy.

anatolian rug

chunky plaster coffee table

gold ring

venice rattan chair

tempo parfum - i went on a smelling spree at neiman’s the other day. i smelled all the diptyque. i loved 99% of them. this one was in my top 3. (this one and this one were the other 2).

snake print denim jacket - this one item has me really looking forward to summer being over. it’s 80% off. EIGHTY!

mid century malm fireplace - i would hand over all 2 thousand dollars for this thing if i had two thousand dollars to hand over.

all the rose quartz

happy friday everyone.

if you have nothing to do this weekend might i suggest a full on binge of pen15 on hulu? best show i’ve seen in a long time. LOL’s for real.