kitchen of the day

if a dorinda sighting wasn’t excuse enough to plan a trip to the berkshires then the inn at kenmore hall surely would be.

it’s fair to say that this is THE perfect kitchen to me. the whole place is goals, really.

take a larger peek here. book a stay here. and follow them on insta here.

in other news….

so far high school for fiona is without drama. she’s taking marta (12 stops!) with her friend and walking a few blocks to school. honestly it’s the most exercise she has ever had. she’s in advanced spanish and so far says she may be ahead of folks in math as well, which, if you knew the andersons you’d know we are not “math people”. i’d have to thank her montessori education for that i think. because she certainly didn’t get it from us.

what else…

we’re re-watching mad men and i’m not sure it’s holding up that well. the sets are still amazing and you definitely feel transported. but the acting doesn’t seem that sharp and the characters are somehow more detestable. *shrugs shoulders.

i think my garden has tomato’d its last tomato and okra’d its last okra. i’m hot to pull it all up and plant some beets, broccoli, collards, maybe some mustard greens and lettuce. fall can’t come fast enough.

i’m working on a newsletter and would love for you all to sign up. i need to figure out how to to do that. the newsletter itself is in the works but the sending it out to everyone is not. anyway…it won’t be blog stuff…it will be art stuff and possibly a few anecdotal things. please say you will. :)