doing my best


i’ve attempted to write a blog post every single day this week.

everything was rushed and dumb. probably because i am rushed and dumb.

i’ve slept about 5 hours every night in recent memory.

the long and short of it is it’s back to school week. school officially starts on monday but OH the things that need to be done beforehand.

i’m still plugged into the gram. watching all the fashion shows in copenhagen. delightful.

secured one of the dresses from my wedding guest post. this one. on sale for (wait for it)….

64 USDOLLARS. i’m so stoked bc it’s now something i don’t have to think about. although i will need shoes. i’ve got ideas and i can’t afford one of them. stay tuned.

added some new teeny bowls to my shop. buy two! or four!

this is our last weekend of summer. i plan on cutting back and cleaning up my garden. getting fiona’s room ready for studying and homework. catching up on blogs. and cleaning the mold rings out of my toilets. you?