new work

many many thanks to the over 200 of you who signed up for my newsletter. that was fun.

i’d like to do them once a month on the reg. and/or when a new collection comes out/something cool is happening art related.

this collection was an exploration in materials! i used wallpaper, rice paper, watercolor paper, oil paint, acrylic paint, pastels, pencils, markers….anything i could get my hands on really. i was ripping and painting left and right. i can tell you the best adhesive to use and which way certain types of paper will buckle (something i think is cool) and fray (also cool)…..

i can tell you that i LOVE texture. more than i even knew.

there’s definitely a sea/nature vibe in the collection….

many are just 9 x 12 and perfect in a simple, store-bought frame.

and some are very delicate and fragile and will live their best lives framed by a professional. they are some of my very favorites…

anyway…the whole collection is available. just scroll up to the top of this page where it says NEW COLLECTION. click it and you’re ready to shop. or you can click here too.

i hope you love it as much as i do.