new york


hello and happiest of hump days to you. i am back from nyc and boy oh boy did it live up to the hype. just not enough time to explore! is there ever enough? my initial feelings were mostly of shock and awe. but then i settled and thought only the finest thoughts. i can only imagine the inspiration that sparks living there. i would be channeling my best fashion self at all times that’s for sure. the flip of that is utter exhaustion from trying so hard. also people. gobs and gobs of people. inyourface forever and ever.

fashion week was upon me and it was glorious. i saw outfits that triggered all my senses. it was the best time to go to nyc in my opinion. i wish i could have spent a few days just walking around manhattan. as it was i met up with my buddy nancy and we had a great lunch at the smith and then walked around soho a tiny bit (bc i was exhausted and hungover) only to plop down on a stoop on prince and mercer just outside of aquazzura and people watch to our hearts content. what a time.

brooklyn is where we stayed and i loved it equally. cobble hill was my fave. but i can’t deny prospect park and park slope are goals. cobble hill is home to a store called shen and i could have spent my money and yours in there. everything from lord jones to barbara sturm to candles to microneedlers. i needed a sheet mask. there were a head spinning amount of options. i went with joanna vargas. the verdict is meh on them. i still stan hanacure as the best mask out there for an instant facelift. they didn’t sell it. and though i ordered one prior to my trip it came the day i left. :(

here are some (mostly terrible) pics of our trip. (note to self- take more pics on trips)


my face looks weird and like i have fangs maybe. the real star here is those opening ceremony platform shoes. i wore them to dinner at prune (took a lyft) and then just across the street from our hotel so walking was minimal. many compliments on them were had. jeans are madewell and jacket is last season mango.


prune was a bucket list place for me. i have gabrielle hamilton’s cookbook and it’s one of my favorites. def. a good gift for a foodie. the food was delicious. this is the dessert which is corn creme brulee (top) and ricotta ice cream on a caramel crouton (bottom). uh-ma-zing.

also! she was there! gabrielle hamilton. she came and introduced herself. she said that mike was staring so intently that she needed to see what was up. she was kind and lovely.


here i am acting caszh. there she is being cool. also someone on insta told me she is NEVER there so the odds were in our favor. praise be.


i don’t eat bagels. i ate 2 in ny.


we walked around brooklyn a lot on saturday. i wore ganni pants and was really feeling myself. mike and i ate a slice and had a beer at a place called sal’s. obv.


this place stopped me in my tracks. it was a bar called the brooklyn inn. it was closed or i would have stopped in. i peeped through the window and it was EXACTLY like you’d imagine. monumental carved wood bar, dust, locals only vibe.

i have romanticized those fire escapes my whole life. this place had perfect ivy and a perfectly placed tree.


for the wedding i went with the black rotate dress from this post. these zara shoes and some old anthro hoops.


nancy and i went to all the john derian stores (there are 3 all right next to each other).

there were many instagramable moments.


my heart was set on this strawberry platter. but my wallet was all…oooh look at these little $3 cards!

everything in that place was wanted. including an animatronic cat on a chair.

new york is pretty dope.

i’m already planning my next trip.