september vibes

i still love this wallpaper.

i had the distinct pleasure of sniffing all of astier de villatte’s incense sticks while in john derian and can report that they are all amazing. this one was my favorite. smoky yet clean.

these gold, shell-like wall sculptures are very cool. comes in 4 sizes as well as silver.

this sofa is sublime.

fauna nail polish

bumble bee fabric from emery & cie

ridiculously expensive venetian side chairs

custom game table

vintage incense burner

floral dress. love.

you know i love an art deco rug. very into the spider web on this one.

functional fragrance. it’s a thing.

"Most people felt calmer, more composed and less stressed with thirty minutes of use," - the nue co.

don carney art

burgundy and pink croc effect boots