i think the general rule of wearing vintage (for me anyway) is that it maybe shouldn’t scream vintage?

people should stop you and say, “where did you get that?!?” and then be bummed when you tell them it’s vintage because they can’t get one. they should not say, “hey, cool retro vibe!” unless it’s halloween, and you’re trying to look like a character from mad men.

another “rule” is mixing the old with the new. this is the easiest way to make vintage work.

we are right in the thick of fashion month and yes, i is inspired. but i wanted to see if i could find stuff that if paired with something new would look like it came from some high end designer or at least beg the question…”where did you get that??!” but not high end prices, you feel me?

also if you’re trying to buy less due to the impact fashion has on the environment, and we all should be, (second largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry) vintage/second hand is the way to go.

also listen, i fully admit to being a sucker for trends. and guess what? so many trends are repeats of trends from yesterday so chances are you can find them second hand. and at much better quality than say, from asos.

anyway, i found a tremendous amount that i think could have come direct from the streets of style….


90’s silk charmeuse lounge suit - the pj trend is very now and this “suit” looks luxurious. but if a full pajama ensemble isn’t your thing you could wear the pants while binging the great british baking show and wear the shirt with jeans. i won’t judge.

80’s pinstripe lord & taylor button down - very into oversized shirts in general. my 14yo assures me i am officially a “vsco girl”. this is not a compliment.


80’s RL pinstripe button down - same. might wear as a dress might delete myself.


vintage olive utility shirt - again with the oversized shirts. somehow i just feel cooler in roomy shirts.


70’s chunky cardigan - i’d belt this and wear it over a flowy dress. equally great with the now-est jeans.


white boiler suit - these are huge right now. i’d pair this one with some tall snake boots, tucked in.


1950’s silk jacquard dress - i find this very edgy and cool. so many ways to make it work. over a basic white t shirt and jeans or just. like. this. kick that leg out girl.


vintage striped oversize shirt - it’s the roominess of this striped shirt that makes it interesting to me. love the way it’s styled here.


dvf jumpsuit - this feels fresh.


60’s tiger print coat - tiger always.


80’s wool tweed blazer - honestly blazers are aplenty on etsy. buy them used. please. they are so much cooler.


black leather trousers - the only way to afford leather pants is to buy vintage and these are perfect.


woven linen embroidered maxi dress - this is so current looking.


tan leather pants - very good looking.


black silk pants - black. silk. pants.


90’s ungaro plaid wrap mini - how cute with a denim button down or a graphic tee tucked in?

here are some of my fave vintage shops.

surf and the city

persephone vintage



recap vintage studio

if you have some good ones please share!