stocking up

shopbop is at it again with another sale.

this one is giving you 20% off on orders under $500. and 25% off on orders over $500.

ok. ok. that’s pretty cool. i’m definitely not in a position to spend over $500 so let’s kept it under.

i’m not ready for sweaters…wait..let me rephrase…i AM ready for sweaters, atlanta just has other ideas.

besides that i have my fall sweater goals on lock, which i will post about soon. in general i am refreshing my wardrobe with the literal basic of basics. jeans, cardis, tees. bye.

but shoes. i have a real lack of practical shoes. maybe you do too.

after eyeing all the snake and still-unaffordable-to-me-even-with-a-discount designer brands these were my favorites….

  1. dr. martens rometty chealsea boots

  2. converse high tops -get em while the gettin’s good.

  3. chelsea rain booties

  4. dr. martens sherpa chelsea boots - stomp around the city this winter and still be fashionable.

  5. frye lace up bootie - ok, these aren’t really in my budget but they are so good. maybe they’re in yours. after discount they come out to right around 300.

  6. sam edelman loraine loafers - nothing bad about these. i would wear these the most i think. so i’d have to get a few styles. like #7.

  7. sam edelman ackley loafers - ok i’d actually wear these the most.

  8. vince cabria booties - yeah, i know. i post about these a lot. once these were broken in and a little scuffed up…perfect.

    9. ankle strap pumps - a go with anything fall shoe.

    10. v-10 sneakers - between these and the chucks i’d say you’re solid in the sneaker dept.

    glad that’s all settled.