from affordable to hahahaha…you MUST be joking….


you know i love a quality candle. these candles from otherland have everything going for them….packaging and (mostly) great reviews. what do tennis balls smell like anyway?

done with tie-dye you say? i never started with tie-dye. but i DO like this sweatshirt from urban outfitters.

yes it’s made of 100% polyester but when has that ever stopped me? this kimono robe comes in NINE color options and is 38 dollars. i’m down for the navy and peacock for sure.

look at this cute little lavender shelf. it comes from walmart and it comes in an array of amazing colors.

i had no idea a chloe sevigny book existed.

i love everything preen bedding. it’s not affordable but it’s amazing. i want all of it. but specifically this ruffled tartan satin and velvet number. two please. and yes, i’d throw the gucci butterfly next to it. i do spend a lot of time in my bed. shouldn’t it be snazzy af? (never going to happen)

love this alexa chung dog sweater. always attracted to brown sweaters.

jamie meares designed a whole tabletop collection and it’s great. i love these spruce and peach linen napkins. love them paired with this suzani-esque printed tablecloth and these perfect-shade-of-yellow tapers.

i want to read this book solely based on the cover. also ann patchett is no hack.

how perfect are these gucci mules? perfectly perfect.