saturday summer lunch

eat this. now.

1 really ripe tomato. so juicy and ripe it almost bursts when you touch it.

2 medium sized fresh figs. or 1 big one. or 3 small ones. you get it. the more the merrier.

small handful of basil. or parsley. i used basil cuz i grows it.

1/2 tsp aleppo pepper (optional but this pepper is really interesting and i find myself sprinkling it over everything.)

1 small shallot. 

1 tsp whole grain mustard.

1 tsp sherry vinegar.

2 tbsp roasted almond oil or olive oil. but roasted almond oil is to die for. i try to keep it on hand just for salads. i use this one

sea salt and pepper.



slice the tomato and lay flat on a plate. 

slice the figs and lay over the tomatoes. 

sprinkle the basil over top. 

sprinkle the aleppo pepper over top. 


slice the shallot very thin and put in a small bowl.

pour the vinegar over the shallots.

add the mustard.

season with salt and pepper and stir to combine. 

pour in the oil and whisk or stir til emulsified. 

pour dressing over fruits.

eat it up by yourself. 


kitchen of the day


here i watched a few things that you knuckleheads told me to.

1. scrotal recall- i think good if you like new girl meets 4 weddings and funeral meets love actually and can relate to the lives of single 20 somethings.  we watched 2 episodes and were like, yeah....we're too old for this one.

2. unreal- YES. this is a keeper. totally addictive and totally disturbing. i'd say this is a MUST see. for ALL ages. 

going to check out poldark because "it's like downton abbey, but with abs and pecs" is the best recommendation ever. thank you lindsay. 

thanks for all the recs. 

have a great weekend butter butts. 


i could live here

this house in burgundy france-

admittedly i am not a crates-as-shelving type of girl but all of these homespun and industrial accents work really well amongst the oversized photography, old beams, french tea sets and moroccan rugs.

this house looks comfy, neat as a pin and easy to maintain. and there's a pool. and probably rooms full of wine. 

via the socialite family