must see

sometimes the thought of starting a new show can feel exasperating to me. 

i start out a little tantrum-y. like UGH! i can't!!!!

but then i am usually glad i did. 

case in point is chef's table on netflix. 

this isn't a cooking show.

it's a beautifully shot and written show about being an artist passionate about your craft. 


terrible dog

tucci. aka stanley tucci. aka stantooch. 

yes that is a diaper. who knew?

he's a rescue with dry eye. we're working on it. 

he eats raw food and also our cat's food. we're working on that too. 

fiona isn't in love yet. neither are the cats. 

but i am. 

he's very smart and funny. 

 he follows me everywhere. EV-ER-Y-WHERE. 

he sleeps in a tunnel he makes with his face out of whatever is around that can be made into a tunnel with a dog face. 

he is a chihuahua mix...i think there is a little italian greyhound in him. he is very prance-y. 


look out for us on sidewalks and lanes.