new in my shop


i added a few new things to my shop.


green land

16 x 20 canvas

blue foot

36 x 36 canvas

never you mind

11 x 17 paper 

anxiety head

11 x 17 paper

pink land 18 x 24 paper

pink land

18 x 24 paper

bert deconstructed

18 x 24 paper

take the red ladder

18 x 24 paper

abnormalities 18 x 24 paper


18 x 24 paper


11 x 17 paper


11 x 17 paper

shapes in a stack 1

11 x 17 paper

shapes in a stack 2

11 x 17 paper

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in other news...

are you still watching outlander?

i's getting very frustrated.

also dougal.  thoughts?


on sunday the air shifted from "sewer" to "fresh". i was on the porch with magazines and wine like YES! it got me in the spirit of things. only no plaid for me this year, at least on the decor front. this year for me it's all about muted pastels, taupe and gold! i was inspired by these paul klee paintings on one king's lane. 

i have these heath dinner plates in french gray and i LOVE them. 

i started with 2 and just keep building my collection as i can. 

i am up to 4. (fuckingLOLZ)


english china 

i love how they look with the heath plates. 


 some brass flatware for good measure and a purple french oven for all those autumn braises you pinned. 


my next kitchen cabinets will be this color probably. 


this wallpaper is my current favorite. 

i would use it in an entry and hang those gilt sconces on it. 

look how good it looks with all those taupes, muted pinks, gold and cassis. 


some of you may recognize that coffee table as my coffee table inspiration.

i should be getting that in about a week! 

 that sofa and that rug 


rebecca atwood pillow and serena and lily mohair throw


fall is awesome!




kitchen of the day

i don't wanna clean all that glass but i sure do like looking at it. 

now get in there and make me a waffle sandwich with a side of fresh-squeezed orange juice.