my girl judy

judy aldridge is really cool. i am a total fangirl. 

i am certain we'd hang out in real life. i'd make her laugh and she'd let me raid her closet.

we'd cook figure friendly dishes and then eat bowls of popcorn while watching movies together. 

at this point we are only instagram pals but i'll take it. 

if you follow her on instagram you know she has recently redecorated her house using thrift store finds. her sofa re-do inspired my own. more on that soon. 

her daughter, jane aldridge aka sea of shoes, recently posted on her blog the final result of the makeover. read about it! it's much earthier, more bohemian than the previous incarnation. which you can see here



here are a few snaps from jane's blog..


it's so personal feeling. and on a super budget. 

she recently posted on instagram that she ended up not loving the gray walls in her bedroom so she's re-painting them white. a girl after my own heart. don't like your walls? fucking repaint them then!! 

rumor has it she will be back to blogging soon.  


more looks from PFW

my heart is heavy this morning because nicolas still hasn't come home.

i'll thank you in advance for sparing me your tales of how your kitty never came home because he went off to die a sad, lonely death.  (someone on facebook yesterday wasn't so sparing)

instead let's look at some more unattainable outfits and shoes and skinniness.


clever idea. slip dress over sweater with belt. cute hair. 

sometimes all you need is a good cape/cloak. 


not sure which one i love more, left or right. i am not a fan of those shoes on the right. but the rest is yummy. 

similar denim jumpsuits here , here , here.

if you have not tried a jumpsuit i think you should. 


i am behind those boots 1000%.


i think that's head to toe black denim. 

i couldn't love this more. 


there's those weird shoes again. those sleeves tho.


what can i surmise about myself here?

i like black. all black. i like jeans with something interesting up top. i like denim in general.

i like statement shoes. unless they look like a genie slipper. 

i like casual mixed with luxe.

i like a good coat. and when in doubt- belt it.


images via collage vintage and a love is blind


i am going crazy with sadness and anger over nicolas. please please don't tell me anything negative in the comments. thanks! i am accepting positive comments and good advice though. 

don't hesitate to tell me about your crystals, map dowsing and animal esp.