a sweet christmas lineup

i guess this is my version of a gift guide?

i'm no authority on what anyone else wants (although i could do a pretty legit gift guide for your favorite home cook). 

this gift guide is for me. it's what i wish were under the tree for me christmas morning. 

i'll probably get some socks and an orange but it's about giving anyway, right?


1. anna spiro's first book is like a wonka golden ticket. furbish is the only distributer in the states and they are sold out. 2. this vetiver tassel would go in the bathroom. i think you know why. 3. i always need purple shampoo to keep my blonde hair looking like pale strands of silk rather than a corn broom. 4. i don't think there's a prettier mug for your coffee anywhere. 5. if i were to start a collection french enamel canisters might be it. these red and blue canisters are different from the usual blue and white. 6. i keep a cosmetics bag on my bathroom counter for my diabetic supplies (buzz kill sorry) and i need a new one. this black monogrammed canvas bag would be just right. 7. le labo fleur d'oranger smells like summer. i'd like to smell like summer. 8. i drink tea every day so bellocq teas in their gorgeous yellow tins would be a great gift for me (or any tea drinker in your life). i'd like the hammeau tea for starters. 9. still itching to try this rose hair masque. 10. i could destroy this card in about 4 seconds at dean and deluca. 11. one day i will have a nice camera and i will take up photography. i have a little cindy sherman in me i'm sure of it. 12. just a pretty soup tureen that i would totally have a soup party for.  

need more gift guide? this is a fun gift guide. i would like to add that pink beanie to my guide. 


here ye here ye

have you ever tinsel'd a tree?

i was state tinsel champion back in 1956. 

it's not particularly fun, nor is it particularly fun to pick up rogue strands of tinsel every day, but it sure is beautiful. 

my cats are less than impressed which is surprising but a welcome relief. 

do you tinsel?


coconut cream pie french toast you say? christmas morning you say? 


 the perfect christmas dinner: porcini rubbed rib roast with horseradish cream. 


this eyeshadow stick is all that and a bag of coconut cream pie french toast. 

you have to be a bit heavy handed with it but once you build up the color it's awesome. 

it doesn't smudge or gunk or settle into the crease which is what makes it so awesome. 

 this stuff stays put until you wash it off.

perfect NYE eye makeup. just curl those lashes and add a healthy dose of mascara and your eyes are done.

i have it in au revoir (shown) a soft, pewter shimmer.

i want them all but next in line will be three shakes, a milk chocolate shimmer.  


it's time. which do i choose?

this article enlightened me a little.

i'm leaning 13" macbook pro with retina display. 



20 days.


and finally...

this paris restaurant shut my brain down for a second.

copper leaf grout?!

you must read the article.

this place is directly on my bucket list.