kitchen of the day + some words and stuff

no one hates an exposed lightbulb more than me but i can get past it thanks to the floor, the eat-in-situation, the wall of marble tiles, the stove and the accessories. 

this kitchen seems doable. 

like, they spent their money where it counts. 


some things for you to consider over the weekend...


outlander. are you still not watching?

well, you should. 

tomorrow is the season finale and they are re-playing all 8 episodes leading up to it. 

i was beginning to wonder if claire and jamie would ever get balls deep but they do. 

and they did. and it was worth the wait. 


speaking of scotland. this restaurant is stunning. 


did you know about the secret to streak free windows

i didn't and i can't wait to try it. it's seriously the little things with me. 

my windows are disgusting.


these pics of blondie reaffirming she was the prettiest and coolest ever.


do you ever shop at mango? i bought a dress there recently and i was impressed with the quality. they are having a 30% off sale right now. i snatched this sweater dress up in stone, black and gray. 

i will wear it now with booties and with leggings and jeans when the temps drop. 

use code 5WEEKEND3 at checkout. 


and finally..

7 ways to make s'mores more delicious.

i'm going to grudge eat #4.

it is campfire season after all. 


have a great weekend. 

don't get pregnant in your butt.


craigslist : raleigh

raleigh came correct.

lots of good stuff. 

AND....lots of expensive stuff.

but i think i managed to find some pretty good deals.

and here they are:


vintage chinoiserie umbrella holder $39.

a pop of color in your foyer?


hand painted screen/room divider $235.

this is about as special as it comes on craigslist. 

i'd use it as a headboard or behind a sofa. that apple green is fantastic. 


solid brass tea cart $200.

this is a good one. 

heavy and sturdy. 


embroidered silk sofa $250.

very nice. 

the fabric is beautiful. 

maybe just a cleaning?


solid brass frames $55

heavy and oh so pretty. 

also weapons?


rattan dining table and chairs $150.

a great deal.  i'd buy these in a heartbeat and put them on my porch. 

i'd paint everything white and recover in this.


chinese rug $500.

so pretty and so blue. 


round pedestal dining table $150.

new coat of paint and good lines make this a score. 

just saddle up some of those cane dining chairs and you have yourself a breakfast area. 


little dresser $200.

this would make a great changing table. 

boy or girl.

charcoal paint with that brass would be special. 


cute desk $180.

great bedside for a little girl. 

paint possibilities are pretty much endless. 


vintage cesca chairs and table $250.

pretty much perfect for a nook.


vintage wicker and cane chairs $160.

these are pretty special. 


long, french style sofa $200.

lovely lines. 

i see it in something graphic and modern or an indigo batik or how about a tartan plaid?


vintage brass and marble vanity $500

this is dope. 

brass base and marble top?

like whoa. 


solid brass coffee table $100.

a great deal. 

it's 36" square. 


web spun patio table in 6 chairs $200.

what a deal. 

still love these things. 

ok then. 

see ya later. 

colorful colors

picnic on the stray  48 x 60


palaver  36 x 48

at sea  36 x 48


liquid love  36 x 24


shipwreck  16 x 20 

wake me  16 x 20 

this house is featured in the october issue of AD espana and all that color used in such a modern was was kind of thrilling to see.

none of it seems over the top and yet if you were to explain it to me it would sound horrifying. 

i believe it's the home of an artist and those are his pieces on the wall. 

 i LOVE the drab smokey lavender walls. 

such a perfect backdrop for all of it. 

these new paintings of mine just seemed to work with the whole shebang. 

what do you think?

too stylized?

too staged?

too "poppy"?