one room challenge week 5 - schmeek shmive's painted. completely.

it took a lot longer to paint than i expected. (5 weeks to be exact)

trim and doors are a bitch because they need 400 coats.

and i am trim girl + some wall. 

mike is more wall and ceiling guy.

but it's PAINTED!

every square inch of it.

a big-ass 800 lb vintage tanker desk was found for $50 on craigslist. 

(the drawers are outside waiting to be cleaned)

we still need a cabinet for under the tv...considerably lower than this bar height table.

i am considering the ikea ps cabinet in white bc it's functional and cheap.

all that crap in that magical triangular nook is moving to the wall opposite the desk.

another piece of furniture still needed...a cabinet for that wall to hide said crap. 

i intend to create a lovely liquor display in that nook instead. a nice tray, bottles of booze, rocks glasses...etc...


up next in the order of orc business...

cleaning the floor and FINALLY laying down the carpet tiles. 

i am slightly askeered because i fear it's going to be a lot harder than it looks.

anyone have any carpet tile laying tips?


the good news is a lot of stuff is ready to be installed.

lamps, pillows, chair cushions, the mattress cover, art etc...all the real fun stuff. 


here's a sampling of all the softcore decor....


i think it's all gonna be pretty good.

and at the very least, it is going to be better with the potential for even more improvement.

i'm well aware that i may not have all the furniture i need.

i intend to just not photograph that part of the room.


at the end of the day though, i can honestly admit i've lost no sleep over this.

i'm not worried about not finishing in time. i was for a tiny second but then i thought...

i honestly don't care all that much. 

but not to be a total has pushed me to get something done or as close to done as possible, that i've wanted to do for a long time. 

so that's pretty great. 


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details here

the word

who's watching?

me. i am. 

it feels like a grown-up show; dramatic and interesting. 

it's like a good book that you can't put down.

if i were to sum it up in one word: intriguing. 

showtime, sunday nights after homeland.

you can watch the first episode here

for halloween fiona is going as a day of the dead skeleton spider cat princess.

i'm not sure either, but we have an awesome dress for it. 

i am going as a wine drinking candy eater.


 image via

i feel you should know about this.

acure organics brightening facial scrub.

i'd categorize this as a cheap thrill.

it's not often you come across a product that noticeably changes your skin tone after just one use that's under 20 dollars. 


that there painting is going to hang in tommy hilfiger on the 4th floor of macy's herald square.

red , white and blue were the directives. 

not an easy palette to work with let me tell you.

i wanted it to have character.

to be a little moody, edgy.

not preppy. 

cool right? super proud moment that's for sure. 

ok then. 

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