i could live here

this house in burgundy france-

admittedly i am not a crates-as-shelving type of girl but all of these homespun and industrial accents work really well amongst the oversized photography, old beams, french tea sets and moroccan rugs.

this house looks comfy, neat as a pin and easy to maintain. and there's a pool. and probably rooms full of wine. 

via the socialite family



i started watching this because i am in love with steve coogan. everything he does sends me into a fit of heart palpitations and giggles. he's brilliant is all. kathryn hahn is about as close to perfect as you can get as well. so this seemed like a no-brainer. 

i LOVE this show. it's weird, touching, off-beat, funny and REAL LIFE. there are a mess of tv shows on that seem to nourish the 30-something crowd. this one will gratify those 30-somethings and beyond. 


penny dreadful on showtime

it took me 4 solid episodes to enter full obsession territory. but boy did i.  i am now fully stalking eva green everywhere i can. she is perfection in every single way. this show is creepy, campy, SEXY, scary, beautiful to look at and just plain fun to watch.  the sets are to die for and the acting (mostly) is on point. 

 i think were this show produced and shot in the US it would absolutely be on the CW. but the world class acting and stunning locations save it's ass. 

we finished 2 seasons in no time. 

showtime is having a 30 day free trial!



season 3 orange is the new black

i was annoyed with the first few episodes but then i gobbled them all up in 2 days. 

i think i may have liked this season best. it was stupid as hell but i think i prefer it that way. 

i know i am in the minority here though. 



odd mom out on bravo

i am still on the fence here. she reminds me of me in so many ways. minus the millions...and in general her life is so completely un-relatable. but at the same time her mom-ness and awkwardness seem super relatable. 

and yet i still watch. i guess it's growing on me?


some new shows i am looking forward to-


wet hot american summer on netflix

holy jesus i can't wait. 

it airs this friday! 

watch the trailer here. (i've watched it too many times in a row to count)

if you never saw the movie you really should. 



ash vs. evil dead on starz

this is more exciting to me than anything.

i have been part of the evil dead cult of fans since i saw the movies in the early 90's. 

watch the trailer here

hurry up october!!


what are you watching that i should know about?


the weekend

hey. i roasted okra.

throw some small-ish okras on a baking sheet with any spices you want (i like smoked paprika a lot) and roast in the oven at 425 for about 10 minutes or less. 

i drank rosé- i like this one and this one a lot. 

i went to a design museum and made a bracelet instead of a banana on a 3d printer. the bracelet is round because the tutorial was for people with a lot more patience and a higher nerdometer than i. i was like a bored caveman in there. ME MAKE ROUND! everyone else made sistine chapels and flux capacitors. i think someone cured cancer. 

i cooked things from my favorite cookbook.

i took pictures of my cats because they are adorable.


we went to the farmer's market and enjoyed frozen shaved watermelon and face painting.