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the complaint

22 x 30 paper


24 x 20 canvas




22 x 30 paper


22 x 30 paper


20 x 24 canvas


just after grief

16 x 20 canvas


top of the rock

16 x 20 canvas



11 x 15 paper



11 x 15 paper



11 x 15 paper



11 x 15 paper


bomb pop

11 x 15 paper



11 x 15 paper



11 x 15 paper


sweet innocence

11 x 15 paper


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now would be a good time to also tell you that i am currently accepting commissions. so if you have wanted to do that, please email me. 

don't be skeered. we can talk and stuff. it's fun. i'm nice. 


kitchen of the day

fresh as a spring morn'.


i don't even care that the lowers are plywood.

because there is marble.

there are no fussy upper cabinets. 

the fridge is a glorious shade of hibiscus pink and my inner freak really wants to run a swiffer across those smooth cement floors. 

and don't get me started on that steel framed wall of windows and doors. 


this is my sumer vacation house.


more of this house here


SAG awards

everyone looked pretty.

no one weirded me out too much. 

the winners were as predicted. 

patricia arquette's speech made me cry. 

frances mcdormand's speech made me hi 5 my cats.

AND..the show ended before 10:00!

that's the type of awards show i can get behind.

things i didn't like...

skinny zach galifinakis.


my best dressed were:


she looks really nice in green. (said your grandma)


hubba hubba.

i'll bet she smells good all the time. (until matthew mcconaughey rubs his balls on her)

that color. 


i'm not loving the color or the fabric in general.

it's too drab for the red carpet and that black trim at the bottom is weird but SHE looks WOW.



the most predictable:


at least it's not a mermaid dress.

and there's no denying she looks amazing, but nothing really ever changes on her. 



belt- check

column shape- check

halter- check


"i just wanna be comfortable in mah jumpsuit cuz i don't take this shit too seriously"

she looks amazing though.

hemline at ankle is weird. 



least favorite...

i do love this color and love it on her.

but the dress just looks like a cheap old prom dress for your pregnant high school friend. (you)



she is SO pretty and young and fresh and this dress is foreskin.

can she even move her arms?

grandma's earrings.


i do kind of like this dress from a fashion standpoint but it's so wrong for the red carpet and it's so wrong for her. 

all you saw on camera was that blueberry pie stain on her right shoulder.


i'm not sure what's happening here. 

it's like when people think it's awesome to hang their christmas tree upside down. 

only it's not awesome.

it's stupid.

this dress is stupid.


what in the actual fuck?

amanda peet is funny and pretty.

this makes me want to riot the streets- throw shit through windows and steal things.

burn shit down and spray paint the sides of cars. 

that hair is drunk.



the cast of OITNB looked pretty great across the board.

jared leto was still prettiest.