on sunday the air shifted from "sewer" to "fresh". i was on the porch with magazines and wine like YES! it got me in the spirit of things. only no plaid for me this year, at least on the decor front. this year for me it's all about muted pastels, taupe and gold! i was inspired by these paul klee paintings on one king's lane. 

i have these heath dinner plates in french gray and i LOVE them. 

i started with 2 and just keep building my collection as i can. 

i am up to 4. (fuckingLOLZ)


english china 

i love how they look with the heath plates. 


 some brass flatware for good measure and a purple french oven for all those autumn braises you pinned. 


my next kitchen cabinets will be this color probably. 


this wallpaper is my current favorite. 

i would use it in an entry and hang those gilt sconces on it. 

look how good it looks with all those taupes, muted pinks, gold and cassis. 


some of you may recognize that coffee table as my coffee table inspiration.

i should be getting that in about a week! 

 that sofa and that rug 


rebecca atwood pillow and serena and lily mohair throw


fall is awesome!




kitchen of the day

i don't wanna clean all that glass but i sure do like looking at it. 

now get in there and make me a waffle sandwich with a side of fresh-squeezed orange juice. 



craigslist all week : dc and austin

i think i inadvertently saved the best for last.

hold on to your boobs and beans...

first up is...

antique cabinet $100.

very pretty details. 

take a look and see them close up. 


mid century server $259.

not cheap but doable and tons of storage. 

great for a bar set up. 

to paint or not to paint?

i'd get it home first and see how that finish translates in your space.

then decide. 



antique secretary $175.

fantastic, right?

i'd paper or fabric the back in this


brass crib $350

like whoa. 



regency round coffee table $75.

i really just love these brass scroll base coffee tables. 

they seem so versatile.

in other words it would work in your house. 


antique table $95.

simple and feminine.

i'd totally bar it up. 


brass cart $175.

this is interesting. 

not sure what the shelves are made of, says they're "light green". 

but it's a good price. 


irish pine corner hutch $575.

you know the country mouse in me loves this hard.

live in the country and have a china collection?

you should have this. 

these things are worth around 5k in antique stores. 


antique rug $100.

they say this "needs to be professionally cleaned". 

i'd heed their advice.

but 100 bucks seems like a steal to me. 

it's pretty!


8 pc. service bronze flatware $60.

thanksgiving is coming. 


3 adorable little asian lamps $75 (each).

one for you, one for me, one for your mom. 


brass twin bed $55.

this has such a modern feel and it's fifty five dollars!

great for a wee person, girl or boy. 


brass cocktail table $375.

just awesome. 


mid century credenza $400.

i could not love this more.

someone please oh please buy this. 


chrome table and chairs $125.


do i need to say anything?


wicker elephant bench $275.

this is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

a kid's room..sure...obviously.

but equally at home in an entry or hallway or mudroom or sun porch or office or living room.

just keep it away from cats. 


next up..

faux bamboo brass cart $195.

so small and fun.


vintage sofa $500.

shut your mouth. 

not sure you could pull it off?

just ask yourself..what would jeffrey bilhuber do?


cute little berber rug $40.

what a deal.

clean the shit out of it and put it in a nursery.  


3 moroccan hanging lamps $50.

hang them all in a hall, en masse. 

or in a small kitchen nook.



solid brass tabletop mirror $60.

this is very agreeable.

this is what people talk about when they say "pay attention to the details".

this is a fine detail. 



monkey wedding portrait $200.

i don't know...is it worth $200?


but it sure is enjoyable.


this person is selling 7 vintage moroccan rugs at $500 each.

i think this is definitely worth checking out. 


beveled mirror $50.

great mirror great price. 


vintage mccoy smiley face collection $75.

if you don't want this you are dead inside.


chrome mushroom floor lamp $65.

great lamp great price. 


2 brass lamps with a moroccan vibe $75.

yes to these. 

put some big, cylindrical black shades on them. 



vintage coffee table $125

what west elm tries to do when they design coffee tables. 

only this is better quality. 



chrome and leather dining set $325.

leather is in perfect condition. 



that was fun right?!


nominate your city!


have a great fucking weekend everyone.