you sick?

the 3 of us have managed to steer clear of anything too serious this cold and flu season (knocking on all the wood and rubbing all the crystal).

we've had mild illnesses...a few runny noses...a lazy day here or there spent chilling because a phantom bug got us like...why i feel like i want to sleep for 40 hours straight? 

but then the next day...pretty much ok. 

i have no idea why that is..i usually hit it with hot lemon water on repeat but i ain't got no science to back that up. i just know when i do that i feel better. 

that said i am pretty certain it is in huge part luck. 


but i came across this post the other day and was like i need to bookmark and share this:


i think those flu fighter cookies are a stretch but some of the recipes look like precisely what i want in front of me when i'm looking and feeling like charlie sheen. 


specifically this..


cold fighting cous cous chicken soup

i am sure you could make it gluten free and use rice or millet.

also it's super easy to put together which is exactly what you want when you're sick. 

i would recommend making a top notch bone broth ahead of time and freezing it. 

that way you not only have stock on hand but it's the best possible stock you could ever have. 

i use this recipe for stock every time and throw in a few extra chicken feet for added benefit. 


don't you go dyin on me. 

many things

couple of things went through my mind while watching...

bruno mars dances good. 

coldplay is boring.

beyonce pretty. 

have beyonce and chris martin made out?

have bruno mars and chris martin made out?

how much did beyonce get paid?

how much less than beyonce did everyone else get paid?



this bathroom reminds me of mine so i am wallpapering it. 

with this



i'm heading to santa fe in a few months for a long weekend and feel like i should look like this

pretty much ulla johnson's entire spring collection would work.





with these..

i intend to go and channel my inner georgia o'keeffe, see the irises bloom.

sketch a few out, drink some tequila, smoke some peyote and buy some turquoise...the usual. 

probably in sweatpants and a sports bra. 




sweet kitchen makeover

hi guys.

sorry i've been gone half the week. 

not to worry just catching up on work.

it's easier sometimes when i don't have anything interesting to say to just not say anything.

but then i saw this kitchen makeover this morning and thought it too good not to share...


sometimes it's the interim kitchen makeovers (you know, before the big one to just get you from ugly to livable) that i enjoy most of all.

because it shows more ingenuity and skill around strict budget parameters. 

(for the record i don't know if this is one of those instances or just that they had a smaller budget for renovations)

in any shows the aforementioned skills. 



"Tip: It’s a good idea to price out cabinet options. Sometimes a vintage piece is more affordable than installing new cabinetry."

i couldn't agree more. 


read and see more, including the before's, at one king's lane.


let's see...what else...

x files = sucks

donk's blood vom = like, whoa


i want this in my backyard.