anthro picks

who got the new anthro catalog? here are some of my favorites...


1. this rug. it's made of silk bamboo so cheap it is not. 

but certainly luxurious underfoot and the graphic nature would add so much oomph to a space.


2. these resin knobs.  just cool. i prefer the gold and could see them on a roughed up, chalky black dresser. 


3. this table. i am fairly certain i love this table. a bit memphis, a bit beetlejuice.  


4. this flatware. black and white dots are always a good choice.


5. these faceted vases. i am in love with the muted colors. 


6. this bone inlay bed. who? what? gimme. 


7. this rose gilded stemware. i seem to gravitate toward anything that is a muted shade of rose.


8. this smokey rose wallpaper. so much yes. 


9. this bone inlay table. i would use the chartreuse in a peach hued room with lots of brass accents. powerful. 


10. these drippy ink coasters. i would buy a stack of the pink and neutral and put them in that room with the chartreuse table. 


11. this purple velvet sofa. ugh. so dreamy. it comes in a rainbow of colors. all of them good.

i love that this purple isn't screaming at you. just dramatic enough. 


12. this rug. deep navy and white all day.


13. this bronze trinket dish. a little wearstler-y for a LOT less. 


14. this shower curtain. i pretty much hate all shower curtains. this one is the prettiest i've seen. 


ok then. 

have a great weekend. 


i'll be here tomorrow and reporting live via instagram

follow along if you're a friend. 


craigslist : kansas city

kansas city came at me all wicker and hospital beds.

like the largest collection of hospital bed and gurney sellers i've ever encountered.

they must have closed down an old hospital somewhere and are selling all of it's haunted remnants. 


but also a fine collection of wicker. 



brass and glass table $75.

an entry table of course.



these chairs are very very cool. 

there are 6 total.

i imagine them in something like this.  too much?  maybe this then. 


 library table $125.

simple and sweet. 

the hardware is very pretty. 


very cool chrome tabletop mirror. it moves both horizontally and vertically. 



ebony colored walnut occasional table $65.

great finish, great table. 


tufted leather chesterfield  $best offer. 

are we still fans of these?

i say classic. 

never out of fashion. 


vintage record cabinet $195

so many, small tv console, bedside..


french walnut dining table $170.

the finish is pretty beat up but i would paint it and use it as a desk or an entry table etc.

the details are great. 

if you like to restore finishes go for it.  

would be awesome that way too. 



art deco china cabinet $75.

first of all the price is great. 

second of all the handles have seashells in them. 



4 chrome and cane chairs $10.

dig the plaid. 

giving me a strong modern cabin vibe. 



gabeh lion rug $200.

this is beyond an awesome find. 


wicker table and chairs $250

potentially awesome. 


mid century king bed $125.

pretty great price for a vintage king bed in good shape. 


drexel parsons chairs $265.

well shut your mouth.

that fabric looks a lot like edo and i would have them professionally cleaned and leave them the hell alone. 


need one mid century breuer chair?

here's one for $15


5 pc wicker set $75.

give some to your friends. 


more wicker. all of it good. 



antique stag handle cutlery $30.

thanksgiving is coming. 


vintage brass chandelier $60.

great in an entry, small living, small dining...


orange vinyl, brass and CANE ice bucket $75

this is just pretty great. 


pink velvet sofa $125.

i'd have it cleaned and see how it looks. 

could be great in the right setting. 

hello tiny brass cube, i'd like to set my cocktail on you. 


(they will ship)


need some heavy brass, gigantic faux elephant tusks?

this guy is selling some for 1000 dollars. 


milo baughman dining set $2000.

this comes with 6 chairs, table and a buffet. 

better do some negotiating. 


that's it gang! 


pretty good turn out yes?


what's your favorite?

i'd definitely inquire about the stag handled cutlery, the parsons chairs and the rug. 

oh and probably that little chandelier too. 



new in my shop


i added a few new things to my shop.


green land

16 x 20 canvas

blue foot

36 x 36 canvas

never you mind

11 x 17 paper 

anxiety head

11 x 17 paper

pink land 18 x 24 paper

pink land

18 x 24 paper

bert deconstructed

18 x 24 paper

take the red ladder

18 x 24 paper

abnormalities 18 x 24 paper


18 x 24 paper


11 x 17 paper


11 x 17 paper

shapes in a stack 1

11 x 17 paper

shapes in a stack 2

11 x 17 paper

click the titles to take you directly to that painting..

or click here to browse. 

in other news...

are you still watching outlander?

i's getting very frustrated.

also dougal.  thoughts?