let admiral minty charter your [house] boat this summer..


because let's face it..

#1. that's the worst blog title you've ever heard in your life 

#2. minty has some new and well priced nautical inspired goods 


#3. just admit it..


done right is one of your favorites..


i enjoy it. 

and since i am the mother of dragons you do what i say.

or i will tell my dragons to 'valar morghulis' you.


i am so aware of how lame that last sentence was.


but since it's summer i have been reduced to bad hbo puns, even worse blog titles-

plus i dropped a cooler on my toe yesterday and i woke up with a roach in my hair.


friends, that is TEXTBOOK first monday of summer material.


if you are also suffering from summer/monday brain..

this might help..



 i am aware that fiona's internal mouth hole looks like one of those movie monsters where their mouth

stretches beyond what is really their mouth just before they eat your face off.  no bath salts even needed.

i'm sure it's not an accident since all that has come out of her mouth has been the stuff of nightmares.




say it with me..


"i love nautical shit!!"









 chloe sevigny has a nautical inspired powder room. 





 this might be too much for my eyes..but it's charming none the less.




you now you can haz nautical inspired moments too!



minty has just what you need to get started..


a moody dining room/library.

paint color: BM calypso blue


1. vintage enamel fish dish

2. vintage seascape oil painting i want this so you better hurry and get it before i do.

3. small brass nautilus



 a girly approach to the nautical look.

paint color: BM hale navy


1. 'sea 4' acrylic painting on canvas

2. handblown glass fishing float with net

3. gray and white ikat pillow covers

4. leaded glass shell box

5. blue and gold tassel candle holders



 a gallery wall + console is a great way to bring in some oceana.

paint color: BM blanched coral


1. vintage seascape oil painting

2. underwater vintage oil painting

3. 'feeding the pigeons in miami' vintage painting on paper

4. pair of brass propeller candle holders


there are other awesome nautical goods at minty...

like this brass lobster clipboard for one.


so go and shop and make your monday more awesome.



happy first monday of summer face eaters.





good morn gentle pee-ple...

rememeber yesterday when i was all...

hey MiNTY is open!  go shop and stuff.

huh? remember?

well...you all shopped like fat ladies at an online hummel sale.

and we made over a million dollars!!!!


just kidding.

but you did shop and you did buy and we thank you so much for that.

it just means we are able to procure more goodness for you!


and just in case you still want more..

let me show you how you can use MiNTY items to great effect..


grab you some pewter grasscloth.

some brass finish modern lounge chairs in a fancy gorgeous wool chalk stripe- $925

a couple of moody art pieces..."See Them" and "Nude".

a handsome bust to smooch on when you're lonely.- $150

a brass porthole clock to tell you what time it is...(time to stop kissing a statue).- $65

a leather flask to hide your feelings into.- $15

and a groovy lamp to light the way so you don't fall..you sad drunk!

a rug to cushion your fall...(you fell anyway)- $225

and marble bookends to keep all your self help books neat.- $60




for the answers to life's problems.



and for you pee-ple who already showed your support (thank you) here is a treat sneak peek for you:


fiona's room coming soon in 2012.





some things suck ding dong




after a real long time of pulling rabbits out of our b-holes, it's finally here.


a totes awesome new shop nestled in antique factory here in atlanta.

nelya, susie and meself have teamed up to bring you the best vintage and antique goodness we design-obsessed bitches can find..

including but not limited to vintage art, my art, lucite, orange lacquer, lavender lacquer, brass and glass, mid century originals,  custom upholstery, and lamps that will melt your face.


that shit is now open so come down and buy some really good stuff for your house.

5505 peachtree rd.

chamblee, ga. 30341




monday-saturday 11-5


not in atlanta?

fuck you come anyway.

just kidding, probably..


don't worry...M I N T Y is an online experience too!

we are still collecting pieces for the website so, more coming soon!!



 in the meantime though, drop by.

i will be there today and tomorrow with my girls nelya and susie.

we will probably be painting and straightening and stuff.


and do visit the site and sign up for our newsletter and follow us on twitter and like us on facebook and stuff.


i want to thank all of you lovely people for your support and excitement through all of these secrety secret times.




curated farts,