vinyl is not the devil's fabric.



i am picking up these craigslist chairs tomorrow..



nothing special but they were $25 for all four.


kind of a bargain.


i got them with the intention of using them in the breakfast area of the new house.

which seems stupid as hell when the house isn't even ours yet.

but it would have been equally as stupid to pass up 4 perfectly good chairs for only $25 bucks.


so many of you understand this logic and i am grateful for that.


i made the mistake of upholstering some chippendale chairs in a fancy fabric to use as everyday dining chairs and 1 year later they look like asspoop.

so this time around i am doing something i can wipe up with ease.


vinyl bitches!!!


and you get to help me choose!


here are the front runners...


kelly green


sunny yellow



moody blue



ocean blue




smooth creamy ostrich



bumpy white ostrich


here's what i DO know...

i am ordering samples to make sure the colors in person don't look stupid.

and i am not actually choosing anything until i know if we're actually moving into said house and then not until i pick the overall breakfast area direction..

i.e. wall color or wall paper?


i know i want this somewhere...


and i think it has to go in a small area like a breakfast area or a powder room.

not because it's not right for bigger spaces..

but because i couldn't afford more than one roll.


 it might be my favorite wallpaper of all time.

please don't let it become cole and sons woods please don't let it become cole and sons woods please don't let it become cole and sons woods.


all thoughts welcome.


happy monday everyone!!





new house tour part 2- brought to you by black eyed peas and resin.

thanks for all the encouragment and enthusiasm from yesterday's post.

coupla things:

1. i love the idea of a studio/mudroom for the sunroom.

the good news is there is also a basement with a work sink that i could use as a studio if need be.

so i have options.

options are where it's at.


2. someone asked: why won't white work in a dark space?

well, the simple answer is that it just won't look white.

it will look dark and shadowy and dingey.

the white will more than likely look gray and dirty and depressed instead of bright and clean and pretty.

in some cases white in a dark room looks beige and that's the worst wall color i can think of.

it's better to embrace the dark and go dark.

mid tones work best in a dark room.

in other words..the middle of the paint strip is where you want to go in a dark room.

whatever color you choose to paint it it shouldn't be the lightest version or the darkest version of that color.

just go right in the middle.

another misconception i think is painting a dark room a "sunny" color.

as if that is supposed to replace the light or something.

i guess it really all depends on just how dark the room really is.

which would mean that all of the above info isn't any kind of law.

and the BEST answer would be to test test test...

just follow the guidelines above if your room is dark and/or faces north and/or is shrouded by trees etc..


and then, once your dark room is nice and cozy with it's perfectly chosen paint.

light that fucker on fire with lamps, sconces and candlelight.

prettiest room ever.



on to the tour!


the family room.

this room was added onto the original structure,



the existing window on the outside of the house is now an inner window that is directly above the kitchen sink on other side.

and super sorry about the blurry pic. 

so, ideally i would close it up bc like the other one in the dining room i think it's super old fashioned and just plain weird.

i mean i don't need cooking fumes to waft into my tv watching cave getting all of my upholstery greased up.

plus there is a huge doorway leading into the kitchen just to the right of the sofa there.

so there's just no point.

erin suggested a large mirror on both sides.

and i dig that idea as an until i can get it filled in option.


the fireplace works and is both gas and wood burning.

again with the options!!

the fireplace in the living room also works with the same options.


so, this is the room i struggling with as far as what direction to go in.


i am torn between this..

super dark modern rustic glam cave.





light and bright and relaxed and clean.


i could go both ways honestly because the light is great in here.


it opens on to this cute patio..


so it would make sense to use it as the light and bright option but it's carpeted and has a cozier feel than the 

light and bright inspiration pics.


i supposed i could cave it up in the living room but i want the cave aspect in the room that i watch TV in.

and watching TV in the living room (front room) isn't an optin bc it's just too close to the bedrooms.



that whole bit just has me in a decorating conundrum.

white people problems, i know.


ok, on to the kitchen..


cuntry strong.


despite the barf color and faux finishes the cabinets are SUPER quality.

and changing the cabinet fronts is in the distant future.

but they will be painted in the interim.

probably white or gray. 


up close:


it's like someone wiped poop into the crevices and sealed it with lacquer.



and the counters while appearing black in the photo are anything but..


just your basic vomit sparkle granite.


 with a "fancy" edge. 


are you ready for the most amazing cabinet knobs you've ever seen?!?!


black eyed peas and resin.


there were more. 

12 more i believe.

all different.

all edible.

all in resin.

like a prehistoric mosquito fossilized for all eternity.


let's all just take a moment.





i am standing in the doorway to the family room and to the right of me is the breakfast nook.


i failed to take pictures of so many aspects bc i had to go to the bathroom and it was not a pee.

no joke.

i needed to get out and i wasn't into using their bathroom to drop off the kids.

and since we live right down the street from this house it was a mere seconds before i was able to take care of business.



but before we left i was able to take one last pic.

and this is the ONLY real drawback to this house.

because it is totally unfixable.


the masterbath.


it's small.


there it is.


and there it goes..


the other side of the wall is the kitchen and other side of the tub wall is the narrow hallway.


i am pretty sure if there were a better option these people would have done it.



is it a deal breaker?

i don't think so.

bc there is another bathroom (just as small) that i can use for my needs and mike can use this one.

but in a few years fiona will be at that age where sharing a bathroom with her will be torture for us both.

but until that time we can deal.


as for the other rooms.

there are 3 bedrooms.

the master is great.  nice size, nice and bright.

fiona's room is med. size and perfect for her.

the guest room is tiny but we never have guests so who cares?

the basement is great, lots of space that we would use for mike's office/ foot ball watching nights, as well as a play area for fiona.

all in all it's a GREAT first house.


and we are excited!!





monday facts.


it's cold. real cold. 

not complaining...just stating the facts.



fiona is back in school after being out all last week.

which means if you are a client of mine waiting for painting updates..

you shall have them this week.



downton was 2 hours long last night.

the recapping part of my brain might explode.




pink living room updates...

here's what i have worked out so far:


i want this pink to be warm and subtle.

but still pink.

i want it to feel primarily traditional with minimal clean lines.


the room is small and it gets tons of light. 

the sofa is warm white.

getting 2 (really long) bolsters made with camel silk velvet with pink velvet trim, for the back of the sofa.

i want that west elm rug in every room in my house but i will settle for the living room.

i will fashion some art that is moody and dark. or maybe more color.

not sure yet.

there is a tall antique tea table that the lamp goes on that i am going to either paint or do something fun to.

there is also a mid century/asian-y chair and ottoman that i want to recover.

that is where i am stuck.

i am feeling olive green but not sure..

i need more pattern..but i am not sure which.



tell me what to do.